Silent Letter Wardrobe


Davide Conti designed the Silent Letter wardrobe:

“Silent Letter” is a contemporary clothes valet, a minimal evolution of the classic valet stand in wood, steel or plastic. The feature of the product is in it’s implementation, functionality and in it’s aesthetic finish. The letters of the alphabet are the heart of the concept behind the project, in fact the letters in their universality are known by every person on earth, and will never go out of fashion. Taking advantage of the infinite possibilities in folding a steel rod result in a valet that is minimal, contemporary and etheric. A synthesis of functionality and aesthetics that allows each person to take advantage of the product as a clothes hanger or a complement spectacular. From the bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even in the garden or a showroom, here are just some of the possible applications of the valet. You can select the letter from the alphabet you desire, and chose the color you prefer, thanks to an extensive color palette.










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